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About Us 
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"Where the chicken grease stays hot!"

Club Tilt and Grill is Colorado Spring’s newest swanky nightclub with a lounge-type feel. It’s located in the shopping plaza at 3744 Astrozon Boulevard, and its popularity is soaring. The gracious and personable owners, Albert and Charonda Wills, joined the Colorado community by way of Indianapolis.

Club Tilt features Pattie’s Kitchen, affectionately named for the owners’ mothers, both of whom are named Patricia and share a love of cooking. The menu comprises hot and delicious made-to-order finger and soul foods that can be ordered in or cooked to go. Menu items include chicken wings, fried okra, pork chops, deep-fried zucchini, seafood, and much more. Additionally, patrons are sure to relish their colorful, top shelf, bar famous for the club’s signature cocktails, "The Tilt", and the "Blue MF".

Yet, many have raved that the atmosphere is Club Tilt’s most exceptional attraction. The warm, low, lighting, mixed with old school R&B, comfortable seating, and the aroma of seasoned cooking wafting through the air, genuinely appeals to the souls of Black folks. These are the elements that, when combined, create a culturally familiar ambiance that is rare and refreshing.

“We’re more geared toward operating a sophisticated establishment. We’re not into the half-naked dress or drunken conduct. We also have a zero-tolerance policy regarding rude, illicit, and violent behavior of any kind. You only get one chance, and if you violate our policy, you may never come back. When we say zero tolerance, we mean zero tolerance!”

There is always something fun and engaging going on at Club Tilt, and the owners endeavor to keep it that way. Every kind of entertainment from Karaoke night, amateur comedy, live bands, special guest performances, and open mic poetry is hosted each day of the week, so patrons are sure to find an activity that appeals to them.

“We have a different type of event every day of the week because different people like to do different things on different days. We also try not to put a cover charge on the front door unless there is a special event or concert. People also love that we promptly greet them. We say, “Welcome to Club Tilt!” so much, that even customers say it to other customers.”

All are welcome come by and enjoy the delicious food, potent drinks, and one of many live shows. 

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